GeoExPT and ADR Synchronization

The Geo-Spatial Expeditionary Planning Tool(GeoExPT) and Airfield Damage Repair(ADR) Synchronization; GAS as it is referred to, was conceived as a mechanism for exchanging ADR data between the different systems and software within the Rapid Airfield Damage Assessment(RADAS) Family of systems for the U.S. Air Force.  Initially implemented as a messaging platform to propagate the collection of damage during RADAS from assessment platforms to GeoExPT, it was quickly identified as a necessary component of the overarching ADR capability as technology grows.  

Major Features/Capabilities

  • Provides the ability for a variety of clients to synchronize and share data
  • RESTful and real-time capabilities
  • Manager Application to manage Scenarios, users, alerts, and more
  • User, Hub Key, and Thumbprint security
  • Server to server synchronization
  • Spatial capabilities including querying data spatially
  • Rules based engine
  • Playback functionality to replay scenarios at variable speeds

SDK Projects

  • GAS Data Project – Portable Library project that contains all the messages, interfaces, classes, enums, and more for clients to utilize
  • GAS Example Rest Project – Console application providing a simple RESTful client
  • GAS Example Realtime Project – Console application providing a simple real-time client
  • GAS Example MapService Project – Console application detailing how to upload media to GAS and request creation of a web map service
  • GAS Client Project – Windows Forms project that exercises the GAS external client API extensively. More complex and in-depth than the example projects.