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More than just another version, it's an entirely new GeoExPT!


The New GeoExPT for AutoCAD features a fresh interface to improve automated support for contingency beddown planning and sustainment operations. Built to support the mission objectives of contingency planning and sustainment operations with Aircraft Parking, Beddown Planning, and Airfield Damage Repair, the solution has been integrated as a plugin within Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map 3D software. The enhanced user experience provides the engineer with automated planning processes to provide operators with an interactive tool for rapid development of base layout plans and Airfield Damage Repair (ADR).

Key New Features and Enhancements

GeoExPT now provides a comprehensive set of tools allowing a centralized and near real-time visualization of the airfield, including integration with fixed sensors, ground mobile systems, personnel location and status, and remotely piloted aircraft data, including full motion video and imagery.

  • Integrated as a plugin within Autodesk’s AutoCAD Map 3D
  • Improved automated support for contingency beddown planning
  • Improved automated parking algorithms for optimal parking solutions
  • Enhanced tools to account for obstructions or obstacles that limit available parking space
  • Enhanced tools and visualization for aircraft parking
  • Preview parking layouts and buffer zones
  • Visualization of taxi clearance zones for parking areas
  • Visual feedback during manual park of estimated standoff, marking lines, and taxilines

Given the designated aircraft or planned deployed personnel quantity requirements, GeoExPT has been designed to swiftly calculate the equipment to fulfill the requirements. In generating a time-phased force deployment data (TPFDD), GeoExPT provides a list of Unit Type Codes (UTC). Planners can use this information to detail the timing and routing of their transport.

  • Improved automated support for contingency beddown planning
  • Advanced placement tools are built-in with AutoCAD to allow rapid and uniform placement of features
  • New visualization effects for constraints analysis tools to ensure proper standoff distances are met during placement
  • Enhanced tools for time-phased planning visualization to create time-phased facility models based on the selected UTCs and delivery schedule, displays beddown plans for each phase of the delivery schedule, and visualize the site as each step in the process

GeoExPT now provides situational awareness tools for identifying, assessing, tasking, and overall management of repair activities. UXO threats must be mitigated prior to commencement of Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA), Rapid Explosive Hazard Mitigation (REHM), Rapid Damage Repair (RDR). The Multiple UXO Removal System (MURS) is a family of systems designed to mitigate thousands of UXO. GeoExPT can now be used to task and manage these activities.

  • Tasks assignments to capture video/image(s), repair damage, or mitigate unexploded ordnance
  • Integration and connectivity of different systems and multiple running instances of GeoExPT via the GeoExPT Synchronization Server (GAS)
  • Enhanced collaboration features with fully enabled chat messaging tool
  • New hazard alert engine helps to keep teams and their equipment safe
  • Integration with FMV enables the operators to quickly and easily analyze video data from UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and UASs (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), tower-mounted video cameras, digital binoculars, or ground mobility vehicles