Beddown Planning 

Contingency Bare Base Planning

- Create complete base layouts following DOD standards

- Advanced placement tools for accurate and expedient placement

- Planning wizard to determine UTC quantities based on population

- Time-phased planning visualization based on deployment schedules

Aircraft Parking 

Contingency Aircraft Parking

- Create parking plans based on DOD guidelines and restrictions

- Automatic and manual placement modes for aircraft parking

- Includes over 250 airframes in the database

- Accounts for wing tip clearances, munitions standoffs, and jet blast

- Time-phased planning visualization based on deployment schedules


Airfield Damage Repair

- Tools for identifying, classifying, tasking, and management
   of airfield damage repair activities

- Direct integration with full motion video feeds

- Full integration with the GeoExPT ADR Synchronization Server

Geospatial Expeditionary Planning Tool (GeoExPT) is a decision support tool for mission planners and engineers to provide the means to create geospatially accurate base layout plans, meet beddown requirements, automate aircraft parking, and analyze and repair airfield damage for optimal selection of the Minimum Airfield Operating Surface (MAOS) in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) standards.

Introducing the Latest Release of GeoExPT

Now designed for the AutoCAD platform!